The Ultimate Business Plan Template or How to Negotiate the Future of Your Business in 8 Hours

Writing a business plan can be demanding if you have never consolidated one and even if your business idea might place you in top 5 role-model startup CEOs without a solid business plan you will not make it. What does it mean a solid business plan? While a good business plan will help you define the path your business intends to head, a solid one will help you identify opportunities and discover the weaknesses in your business idea. No, don’t you think that your future business is flawless because you might start with the wrong foot. I am telling you, as a successful director at Growthink who has been helping, since 1999, entrepreneurs and small business owners by developing for them the best personalized methodology. I and my team have been consolidating a solid Business Plan template that has accompanied …..

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The Four Step Method to Succeed in eCommerce, R.A.I.D.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the verb, to raid, as “a rapid surprise attack on an enemy by troops, aircraft, or other armed forces such as a bombing raid”. A raid is one of the better ways of assuring victory in military scenarios. R.A.I.D. is also a good way to be a successful in eCommerce. This is not your typical R.A.I.D., however. R.A.I.D. is a a four letter acronym which stands for victory. Reach Advertisers seek to extend their reach as far as possible. The reason for this is quite clear. The more people that you reach, the larger your potential market is. This is the same for eCommerce, and perhaps even more critical. Those in the industry who score highly in terms of reach tend to be the ones that dominate the market. eCommerce players need to have the …..

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If Venture Capital Financing truly the way to Go to Fund Your Venture?

When we think of the most successful entrepreneurial ventures. We automatically assume that they must have been financed with venture capital. Like many assumptions, this is not true, and with little basis. Granted, venture capitalists tend to like risk more than others, but this does not reflect the numbers. They should logically be more keen than others to fund startups. Let us look at why this is not true in any way. Venture Capital is the Exception, Not the Norm Venture capital financing is, unlike what we might think, the exception, rather than the norm. This might be quite mindblowing and hard for you to believe. I found it hard to believe myself, until I saw the numbers. Looking at the facts, throughout history, only 1% of American companies have raised capital from venture capitalists. That’s right, only 1%. This …..

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A Huge Myth About Venture Capital Funding

When we think of easy ways of making money, venture capital seems to be the way to do it. If you look at all of the world’s youngest billionaires, they all seemed to make it the same way. Firstly, they had a good business idea. Secondly, they got some funding from venture capitalists. Thirdly, they raked in the money and are now living the lives that most of us could only hope to dream of. In reality, it is a little bit more complicated than that. We go over some of the more common myths floating around. The biggest myths, however revolve around the now legendary, and almost appropriately mythical place called Silicon Valley in California. Let us have a look at what one of the biggest ones is. Dealing With Venture Capital is Easiest in Silicon Valley If you …..

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Silicon Roundabout Firms are Booming

Silicon Valley is usually the first stop for anybody looking to fund a venture capital company. This is why so many venture capital firms are now based there. They want to be near the market. Another place in the world is fast becoming a rival to Silicon Valley however. This place is a little area in London named Silicon Roundabout. In recent time, the number of tech startups in London has increased by more than 200%. This is a three fold increase over previous numbers. A Key Growth Sector As the UK economy struggles to grow, tech startups are steaming ahead. They have risen by 21% in only a year. They continue to be a key growth sector. They are not alone, of course. The related wireless and telecommunications industry has grown by 70%. These figures are unimaginable at present, …..

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The University of Edinburgh, Becoming a Scottish Silicon Valley

When we think of technology startups, Scotland is not usually the first place that we think of. The first and most obvious place which comes to mind is the home of Facebook, Google, and other tech giants. This place is the now almost mythical place known as Silicon Valley in California. Palo Alto is almost synonymous with venture capital tech success. The next place that often comes to mind is London. It is home to what people are starting to call Silicon Roundabout. It is home to such giants as King Games among others. After these two places, the average person will struggle to think of any other tech startup hubs. Another place which is making its mark in the venture capital market is Edinburgh, thanks to efforts made by the University of Edinburgh. High Tech Highlands Scotland has always …..

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