Three of the Top Venture Capital Companies Around in 2015

Venture capital, due to the very nature of the area, can provide you with astronomical financial returns. This comes at a cost, however. This cost is due to the risk profile of these companies. It is also due to one of the fundamental rules of finance wherein risk and return are inversely proportional. As a result, if you want to invest in any venture capital company, you need to be aware of this. You cannot buy shares in absolutely any one. I will go over some of the world’s top venture capital funds. Sequoia Capital Sequoia Capital is at the top. This is thanks to one of the geniuses who is partner at the first. Jim Goetz has made some very good calls lately. This is in part due to his participation in WhatsApp, which was recently acquired by Facebook. …..

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Three Disadvantages Associated with Venture Capital

We previously looked at some of the biggest advantages associated with venture capital. They make it very attractive. If you consider the fact that you can access unique untapped investment sources, have more flexible debt obligations, and can get help in many forms, it seems to be almost too good to be true. These advantages are true, and almost universal among venture capital deals. There are still some disadvantages, however. Everything comes at a cost, of course. In many cases, these costs are worthwhile. You need to be aware of them, however. The aim is not to put you off. Quite the contrary, in fact, I seek to help you be more aware of the dangers so that you can go in more ready than you otherwise would be. Difficulty is Securing Funding Granted, you will be able to access …..

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Three Significant Advantages of Venture Capital Funding

Venture Capital is something high risk This is why funding can be hard to obtain at time. As with everything, the higher the risk, the higher the payoff. This is one of the rules of finance. The trade off between return and investment is true across the board. This means that if you want to get into venture capital, and are not afraid of risk, you can face potentially huge rewards. This is no exaggeration. Just take a look at the 131 venture capital startups worth over USD 1 billion which are around. This number is only growing. Let us have a look at some of the advantages of Venture Capital financing. Hopefully this will influence you to participate more in this area. Untapped Investment Sources Venture Capital financing’s main advantage is the fact that new funding sources are opened …..

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Venture Capital in Europe, Many Big Investment Opportunities Remain

Europe, the Eurozone in particular is not on anybody’s list of top markets to invest in at the moment. Growth is sluggish in many countries. There also seems to be little hope for the resolution of Greece’s endless problems. Not only this, but the fear of a Euro breakup looms over us. Europe is still home to some of the best startup opportunities around. For example, two of the world’s biggest startups come from Europe. They include Spotify, the music streaming service which has sent ripples throughout the music streaming business, and threatening the dominance of Apple’s iTunes. Klarna, the Swedish online payments company is valued at over USD 2 billion, and Algomi the London based social network for bond trading. The venture capital market is still growing. For example, only recently, one of the largest venture capital funds in …..

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Venture Capital in China

If you have been following the recent market data coming out of China, you probably do not want to invest there at the moment. As a reader of this website, you probably are aware of this. I am probably right to assume this. The fact is, however, that no matter how bad the china stockmarket data might be, most of the world’s major markets are falling as well. No matter how you might want to look at things, China is still growing quickly. Granted, 7% is lower than anything that we have experienced in a long time, but the reality is that it this is a growth rate that any other economy could only dream of at the moment. Most developed economies are struggling to get more than 2%, if anything at all, as we see a significant global slowdown, …..

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An Issue that Women Face When Getting Venture Capital Funding

The world of venture capital has helped many people get funding for their projects when they would otherwise have been unable. It has truly opened up many opportunities for entrepreneurs who would otherwise have not had the means to pursue their chosen venture. One group of people still faces unique challenges when it comes to this market. This group is women. Women still face unique issues when it comes to venture capital funding that men simply do not. The playing field is still not equal for both genders. For example, if has been noted that male entrepreneurs are far more likely to receive venture capital funding than their female equivalents. In fact the different is of 86%. This is not a negligible figure, and something to note. Not only this, but men are also 59% more likely to obtain angel …..

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