Silicon Roundabout Firms are Booming

Silicon Valley is usually the first stop for anybody looking to fund a venture capital company. This is why so many venture capital firms are now based there. They want to be near the market. Another place in the world is fast becoming a rival to Silicon Valley however. This place is a little area in London named Silicon Roundabout. In recent time, the number of tech startups in London has increased by more than 200%. This is a three fold increase over previous numbers.

A Key Growth Sector

As the UK economy struggles to grow, tech startups are steaming ahead. They have risen by 21% in only a year. They continue to be a key growth sector. They are not alone, of course. The related wireless and telecommunications industry has grown by 70%. These figures are unimaginable at present, and we even very optimistic in the years leading up to the financial crisis.

Not Alone

This is not the only sector seeing success at the moment. Retail, and real estate are also booming, with new company registrations at record levels. This compares to PR at IT which are currently not advancing very far. The companies behind growth are healthily diverse, marking that this is not a bubble, but more general. For example, technology and creative services are also growing.

Long Term Potential

Tech is here to stay. The only issue is when you are going to get in. Will you get in while it is still growing, or once it has matured. Silicon Roundabout poses new and unique opportunities that must be taken advantage of before somebody else gets in. When is comes to the markets, timing is everything. This is not market timing. Market timing does not work. Timing works in the sense that regardless of the opportunity, you want to get in before everybody else does. Once in, you stay for as long as possible, ignoring the occasional rises and falls. Day trading is not an option. You want to buy an hold, or not buy at all. This is because any returns might be eaten by commission payments.