Some Successful Business Secrets Regarding Entrepreneurship

What makes these business owners so successful? Is it luck? Is it grit? Are smarter than us? Do they work harder than us? Are they smarter than us? Are they just better than us? Is it all of these? Let us have a look at this. It is hard to know because most of us do not spend much time interacting with them. They appear to live in their own bubble, separated from the rest of society. It is hard to place exactly what it is that sets them apart from the rest of us.

Most of Us are Lazy

As hard as we might find it to admit, it is true. We will want to achieve things with the minimum of effort. This also translates to efficiency. Looking at some innovations, it is true that many of them do save us time an effort. Look at home appliances for example. Washing machines have probably done more for us than a lot of other innovations because we no longer have to spend half of our day washing clothes by hand. Reducing the effort that we have to put in goes a very long way. This is why things such as the iPhone are so successful. The iPhone is not the best phone on the market. It is the most intuitive to use, however. We do not want to have to learn a new skill. Thinking is hard work. Entrepreneurs tend to find solutions which require the least thought and effort. This goes along with the saying “the simplest solution is often the best solution”. Bill Gates is also quotes saying that he will always try to find somebody lazy to do the job because he will find the solution which requires the least effort. Paradoxically then, entrepreneurs are lazy by nature. On the other hand, they spend a lot of time thinking up these solutions. As a result, you need to be lazy, but only to the point where you will find the easiest and simplest solution to your issue. So the next time that you find yourself finding a way to do things without much effort, it is probably a sign that you will be the next entry on the Forbes Rich List.